FTSE 100 Trading

FTSE 100 index CFD trading

FTSE 100 trading

Barclays, Centrica, easyJet, Lloyds Banking Group, Morrison, Royal Mail, Sainsbury, Everybody in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland knows these and many more. From Belfast to London, from Edinburgh to Cardiff, every subject of Her Majesty is familiar with these companies, which are all part of the FTSE 100 (Financial Times Stock Exchange), better known as the Footsie, possibly the most popular and widely traded index on the stock market in the world today. Maybe some of you will be thinking: how can it be? Well, this index represents 80% of the market capitalization within the London Stock Exchange (LSE). With a Joint venture the LSE a co-owner along with the Financial Times, and the FTSE is the only index not part of any Stock exchange.

The FTSE 100 is a share index of 100 companies listed on the LSE, weighted by market capitalization, and is managed by the FTSE group, as markets open this index is updated and published every 15 seconds. The indication of how prosperous United Kingdom’s top companies are, is led by the FTSE index, however a portion of the FTSE 100 is also made up of other global companies, and it is a mistake to use it as the only indicator of the state of the UK’s economy.

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FTSE 100 History

The index entered the market on the 3rd of January 1984 at a base level of 1000 points. During the dot-com bubble, in 2000 the index saw levels reaching 7,103.98. There after the index saw a fall during the financial crisis of 2007-2010 to low levels that were below 3,500. Seven years later in March of 2017 the highest intra-day value reached and recorded was 7,777.62.

No European nation can stand alone. Great Britain can. The UK did it. Brexit operation showed the strength of British economy. If you want to trade with FTSE, it’s very important you know every single piece of the index. Obviously, you cannot become an expert in just few weeks or months.

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People come, people go. Companies come, companies go. Few years ago, the famous English bookmaker William Hill became part of FTSE 100. Now, in 2018, it’s out of it, as duly noted on the latest update on Wikipedia.com (the Italian version is wrong). William Hill is now a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Mind you, traders from the “Bel paese”: if you wish to trade with FTSE 100, do it by getting the right information, just like AvaTrade UK does it.

FTSE 100 Index composition

The companies that make up the FTSE 100 are determined quarterly, and formulated on the basis on their values that are taken after the close of business the night before. Should companies not make a certain grade they will be excluded and replaced with a new constituent that has made the grade. This is a very important and crucial element for every company that wants to continue to be part of the FTSE 100. For this reason, every company must operate in the best way to stay in and strengthen the index values. Surely one reason more for UK traders to invest.  

Top 10 companies represented by FTSE 100 and their index weighting (%)
Companies Index weighting (%)
HSBC Holdings 7.3%
Royal Dutch Shell A 5.43%
BP 5.3%
Royal Dutch Shell B 4.89%
British American Tobacco 4.77%
GlaxoSmithKline 4.21%
Diageo 2.94%
Vodafone Group 2.94%
Reckitt Benckiser Group 2.4%
Shire 2.34%

Factors that influence the FTSE index price

Even though most of the composites are UK based; news, political, economic shifts etc. that occur in Europe will have a consequence on the index. Most announcements from the UK that do affect the FTSE are events such as: Interest rate announcements, GDP statistics, UK manufacturing numbers and inflation rates that have all to do with The United Kingdom.

“Happiness is not having what you want. It’s wanting what you have”, said Oscar Wilde. Your search is over. You are in the place where to organize your lucrative strategy. Don’t ever be afraid to try. Royal Air Force did not bend the Luftwaffe in one single day. Take all the time you need. As it happened few days ago, the FTSE 100 fell in global market turbulence. It will happen again, but you could take profit from it. Your trade can watch to reduction.

While components of the Footsie may be made up of British companies (as mentioned) a lot of the FTSE’s revenue is generated from outside of the UK, such as the example of most economies like to publish their figures in USD (£) instead of the GBP (£). Furthermore, the FTSE has 5 oil companies that are listed (BP, BG Group, Royal Dutch Shell, Petrofac and Tullow Oil), and their share values are mostly influenced by events that take place in the middle east. While, 13 of the world’s most popular mining industries are influenced by global events. Changes in the price of the commodity are influenced by all of the markets and the world’s events and this is important to keep in mind when embarking on trading the FTSE.

If you like tennis, you surely know that the legendary champions Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, who played two epical finals in Wimbledon, made a funny spot for Tesco. The “naughty” American player plays again in the Major tournament. A win could influence the price of the multinational groceries. Also, the Spice Girls reunion, Tesco testimonials too, could help it to increase and make stronger all the index. A further important member of Index FTSE 100 is Barclays, the main sponsor of soccer Premier League.

If English teams win international competitions, the stock will increase its value and will contribute to strengthen the Footsie. Be careful. Great Britain influences Great Britain, but all the world can determinate a rise of fall of the FTSE 100 prices. In the last days, on Financial Times Stock Exchange website there was a large part about sustainable investment. A topic like this has endless branches from China, Africa, United States and the rest of Europe. If you want to trade with this share index, you have to be a good observer of the world.

FTSE 100 Trading information

  • The FTSE 100 futures contract is tradable from 7:01 – 19:59 (GMT), Monday to Friday
  • The FTSE moves in increments of 0.50
  • The margin requirement for trading the FTSE is usually about 2% (i.e. leverage) with most brokers
  • The minimum trade size is 1 index
  • The currency of the FTSE is the British Pound

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