What is Auto Chartist?

Autochartist runs on MetaTrader 4’s trading platform and is an award-winning automated technical analysis resource. It automatically identifies trading opportunities from scores of underlying financial instruments.

Autochartist continuously scans intraday markets and uses sophisticated recognition engines to identify promising trading opportunities. It also predicts the price movements of financial instruments.

Experience the beauty of the surprising Auto chartist with one of the biggest forex broker in the world. 

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Feature Description
Chart pattern recognitionChart pattern recognition Auto chartist instantly identifies emerging and completed chart patterns. The pattern quality indicator is a great tool for assisting UK traders.
Fibonacci pattern recognitionFibonacci pattern recognition From butterflies to retracements, Fibonacci pattern recognition can identify simple patterns and complex patterns.
Key level analysisKey level analysis With Autochartist you can easily set stops and limits and identify support/resistance levels. The advanced software determines whether levels are breakout, or approach.
Pattern Quality IndicatorPattern Quality Indicator There are 4 visual indicators that allow traders to determine the likelihood of a pattern completing.

Thanks to Autochartist, it doesn’t matter what type of trading style you have – it’s easy to perform complex technical analysis. Trade like a winner with Auto chartist!

Auto chartist is a powerful trading tool for MT4 – Don’t miss a profitable trading opportunity!

Since Autochartist is integrated into MetaTrader 4, and 100% free to clients making a £500 deposit – it’s a great tool for you to use.

Discuss your options with an AvaTrade account manager about how you can put Autochartist to work for you.

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