MQL5 - Trading Signals

MQL5 – Signals Service

As an AvaTrade UK customer you get free access to MQL5 Signals – one of the biggest auto-trading communities in the world.
It’s easy to get started. MQL5 is fully integrated with MetaTrader 4, so you can subscribe to signals from thousands of providers directly from your UK trading platform.
Add the MQL5 signal service to your AvaTrade MT4 account today.

Open a trading account in 1 minute
Take advantage of trading opportunities


  • The simplest way to copy trades! MQL5 is built into MT4 – you control everything from your trading platform
  • There are no hidden fees or commission
  • No minimum account balance required
  • Faster signal execution with MQL5’s global cloud infrastructure
  • Make informed decisions – View historical performance data for all providers


You need an AvaTrade MT4 account to subscribe to MQL5 signals. If you don’t yet have one, you can sign up here

  • Once you have an AvaTrade account you can open an MQL5 account here. You will receive a confirmation email containing your MQL5 Community password.
  • You can also create your MQL5 account directly from your AvaTrade MT4 terminal. Click on Tools, then Options, then select the Community tab and enter a username and email address. You will receive a confirmation email containing your MQL5 Community password.
  • Connect your AvaTrade MT4 account to your MQL5 account – Open your trading platform, click on Tools, then Options, then select the Community tab and enter your MQL5 username and password.

MQL5 – Get free MetaTrader 4 trading signals

Receive free MQL5 signals directly to your Metatrader 4 platform ✅ Faster signal execution with MQL5’s global cloud infrastructure


Now that your accounts are linked you can start subscribing to signals as follows:

  • You can subscribe directly from your MT4 platform by clicking on the Terminal tab and then on Signals.‘.
  • View more information about a Signal by double-clicking on the provider of your choice.
  • When you’ve found a signal you wish to follow, click on Subscribe.
  • You must agree to the Terms of Use of the Signal Service and enter your MQL5 password in the pop-up box.
  • The final step involves enabling real-time signal subscription and setting your risk-management preferences. For more information, click here

AvaTrade recommends that you do not opt for automatic synchronisation without confirmation and instead review each incoming signal before enacting it within your account.


  • Renewing a signal subscription
    Signals remain active for a maximum of one month. To extend a subscription select the relevant signal in your MT4 platform and click on ‘renew’.
  • Unsubscribing from a signal
    You can unsubscribe from a signal by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button in your trading terminal. Any open trades must be closed manually.
  • Subscribing to Paid Signals
    You can subscribe to paid accounts by logging in to your ‘profile’ on, and selecting ‘payments’ from the side menu.
    From there you can select your method of payment and deposit funds securely. You can then subscribe to paid signals from the MT4 terminal.

Important Notes

MQL5 Signals is a third party service hosted by MQL5 Ltd. Please note that, as expressed in our Terms and Conditions, AvaTrade does not accept liability for any loss or damage in relation to signals nor do they constitute an offer to buy or sell a financial instrument and should not be considered as investment advice.
Please take your time to read and understand the MQL5 community rules before subscribing to the service.
Trade with confidence. AvaTrade is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).
Check out the MQL5 community FAQs for answers to all of your questions.