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With the abundance of trading companies offering different trading conditions and different tools, it’s only natural to do some research before deciding with which online broker to invest your hard-earned money. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of internet sites that publish user reviews – updated to the latest market event and showing how various online brokers deal with a rapidly evolving industry. Sites like Trustpilot and forex Peace Army quite often publish an AvaTrade review, and we’re proud to say that most of the feedback is extremely positive.

How do we maintain the reputation?

AvaTrade is well into its second decade of operation, boasting adherence to the regulatory requirements of more than 6 global regions – from North America through Europe and South Africa to Asia, including the hard-to-crack Chinese market. Our track record is one no other online broker can attest to; each AvaTrade review speaks for itself, thanks to a corporate vision that emphasizes client satisfaction and a constant effort to answer each new need as it arises.

We had a difficult period during the market crisis of 2017-2018, which led to an unprecedented influx of new clients. Unprepared to deal with the sheer scale of sudden interest in this volatile asset, driven by the news hype and a desire by many to ride the steep incline, clients were faced with longer-than-usual withdrawal processing and intermittent suspension of several asset due to extreme price-swings. Clearly, some AvaTrade reviews reflected frustration.

AvaTrade immediately took steps to remedy this situation – even while it was still developing. In the midst of the storm, we increased our customer service staff significantly, investing heavily in professional training, so that existing clients would no longer have to wait with their requests while new clients are being onboarded; and we have limited position size and leverage on assets, so that that extreme volatility will not endanger our clients’ funds beyond those levels acceptable in the industry by successfully adopting the latest ESMA regulations and MiFID II.

And the proof is in the pudding: our overall customer satisfaction, as reflected in each AvaTrade review, is amongst the highest in the industry, and in this period of change, which the entire online broker sector is undergoing, AvaTrade remains at the front.

As before, our aim continues to be to serve our customers and help them trade with confidence. We shall continue to listen to each AvaTrade review and feedback, to each client and to the echoes of each online development; and we shall strive to understand your expectations and continue working around the clock to exceed them. Happy Trading!