Automated Trading

Auto trading with AvaTrade

AvaTrade offers a range of intuitive and powerful automated trading platforms that enable our traders to gain direct access to the top traders on these platforms. The forex markets can be complicated, and they require a trader to understand asset price movements and to have the ability to analyse how a variety of factors impact these movements. For many of you though, time and experience are constraints, and using the expertise of other traders and their strategies is an excellent way to engage in the financial world.

Auto trading is one of the many benefits that AvaTrade offers its traders through its UK trading platforms. We invite you to join our trading family and to try out automated trading with AvaTrade today. Automated trading UK with AvaTrade – benefit from the expertise of others and enhance your trading skills and knowledge today.

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What is Auto Trading?

Auto trading is a broad term that refers to using someone else as a signal provider, or simply following the trades they make, automatically. As a registered trader on our platforms, you can mirror complete trading strategies, or simply copy the signals of other successful traders. AvaTrade provides you with several automated trading platforms for your benefit, allowing you to trade confidently on a wide range of over 250 underlying financial instruments.

Frequently Ask Questions About Automated Trading

Automated trading with AvaTrade UK – benefit from the expertise of others and enhance your trading skills and knowledge today.

Why Would I Want to Use an Auto Trader?

Many people have struggled over the years to become profitable traders, because quite frankly, the financial markets can be complicated and intimidating. In the end, you are simply trying to profit from your trading activities, regardless of the instrument traded, the amount traded, and the type of account you have opened. By using an auto trader, you give yourself the ability to supercharge your portfolio, or at least, to diversify from your typical trading attributes. Think of it in this way: even if you are a successful trader, having other strategies working for you certainly can help smooth out your equity curve.

At AvaTrade, we want our traders to get the most out of their trading experience and as a result, we provide them with access to a range of automated trading platforms. Boosting your trading knowledge and viewing how others successfully trade the financial markets, provides each one of our traders with the right tools as they step into the trading arena.

What Algorithm or System Should I Use?

While this is probably the most common question, it doesn’t necessarily have the most obvious answer. With the automated services that are available through AvaTrade, you have the ability to see the historic performance of various systems, traders, and algorithms. You should keep in mind though that not all past performance is indicative of future performance, so be aware that even if someone made 25% in profit last month, it does not mean they will profit this month.

Based on this, you should pay attention to the overall return and divide it by months, or even years, to get an idea as to what the actual average return is. Do not get dazzled by a trader who made thousands in profit last year, because quite often, you will see that at one point, they may have been down as much as 60%. There is more to choosing an automated system than simply the total. Remember, you are going to have to sit through the ups and downs of any tools you use. It is because of this that you should question your own risk tolerance and recognize that this should be a portion of your overall portfolio.

Study the algorithm or program that you are looking to use. Ask yourself whether you could honestly sit through the largest pullback that the algorithm had as far as its equity curve. If you are comfortable losing 60% and hanging on, then perhaps the riskier strategy is for you. However, if you are much more risk-averse with your trading capital, then you will be looking for something that perhaps doesn’t swing as hard. The great thing about these automated systems, algorithms, and signal providers, is that they run the gamut of risk appetite. This is why it’s important to study what you are getting into before you attach your life trading capital to it.

Another question to ask is what markets does the strategy trade? If it does not trade the market you are looking for, then of course you need to reassess the situation. Not all strategies trade all markets, keep this in mind.

Is Auto Trading Right for Me?

Auto trading is obviously a personal choice, but one can always benefit from seeing what the experts think or how they act. Different people use these tools in different ways; some as a backup to their trading strategies, and some as a way to benefit from professional trading while learning the markets themselves.

At AvaTrade, we offer several choices when it comes to auto trading and signals. At the end of the day, the final choice is yours so take the time to familiarize yourself with the different automated trading platforms.

What If I Have More Questions?

Our professional and responsive support representatives are available via Live Chat, telephone and email. We are available to discuss the different auto trading choices, and to help you navigate opening your auto trader account.

Benefits of Auto Trading in the UK

Auto trading can be used not only to save time, but to give a new trader the opportunity to experience the financial world through the eyes of a more professional trader. A trader that has little or no knowledge of the markets, can greatly benefit from learning how to trade and about when to enter or exit trades. Automated trading takes a lot of the guesswork out of what to do and puts the financial choices in the hands of somebody who has either worked out a strong trading algorithm or who has much more experience in trading the financial markets. This type of trading is also beneficial for experienced traders who get the opportunity to view different trading strategies and skills. Once you have decided to auto trade, there is very little that you need to do – the automated trading software will convert the trading recommendations of professional forex traders and will automatically execute these trades for you in your account.

Automated trading with AvaTrade UK – benefit from the expertise of others and enhance your trading skills and knowledge today.