MT4 Spread bet

MT4 spread betting in UK

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Enjoy Tax Free Spread Bet on MT4

Spread betting a wide range of financial instruments on the world’s most popular UK trading platform. Benefit from tax free profits* while trading with rapid execution, powerful analytical tools, live interactive trading charts and tight spreads on the award winning MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Why Trade Spread Bet in UK on MT4?

  • Tax-Free Trading
    Profits exempt from Capital Gains Tax & Stamp Duty*
  • Low Spreads
    Fixed competitive spreads
  • Wide Selection of Financial Instruments
    Spread Betting in UK on more than 200 instruments: forex, stocks, indices, commodities trading and EFTs
  • Trade wherever you are
    Algorithmic trading
  • Guardian Angel
    Receive personalised feedback on your trades

Key Features of MT4

Customizable and Flexible Trading Platform

With its cutting-edge functionality, high level of flexibility and customizable features, Meta Trader 4 OR MetaTrader 5 has long been the number one choice of trading platform for the retail trader. With its one-click market order executions and easily implemented stop, limit and entry orders MT4 is the ideal platform for both the beginner trader and more experienced trader. With these tools and many more at your disposal, MT4 is the best choice to maximise your forex trading online experience.

Multiple Built-In and Acquired Analytical Abilities

A key feature of MetaTrader4 is the analytical functionality. MT4 provides the trader with a wide range of technical indicators and analytical tools designed to support the trader in identifying price moves in the market and help them to react accordingly. The platform also offers a base of analytical tools that can be extended on the MetaTrader Market.

Expert Advisors – Algorithmic Trading

MT4 has the capability to import Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are programs that can be installed in MT4, and give traders the option of implementing automated trading algorithms that invest in the markets without any manual interaction.

  • Privately Developed EA:
    Each trader can build their own EA, program it to their needs and compile it onto the MQL MetaEditor. With the experience they’ve gained, traders can specify the market conditions, indicators and analysis elements to be used and based on those criteria the EA will open and close positions automatically.
  • Bought or Imported EAs:
    Since not all traders have previous programming knowledge, there are many EAs available online and on the MetaTrader Market, where traders can try a demo version before buying or renting the EA.

Trading Signal Service

MetaTrader allows you to copy other traders in real time with their signal service. You may choose from over 2,000 signal providers throughout the IDE (integrated development environment) community. Once you’ve checked their trading records, compared signal providers’ performances on different markets and done the proper research, you can make an informed decision, based on your needs and preferences. You’ll be able to see the trades done by the signal providers you selected and duplicate their actions.

MetaTrader Market

MetaTrader Market holds a large collection of Expert Advisors; some are free while some require a payment. The MetaTrader market also offers additional technical indicators to download, financial magazines and books amongst a range of different trading material. You can use the search option in the market by category, and be shown all results related to the subject, as well as screenshots, users review and comments. Before purchasing any item you can try it on a demo account, or view the first page in case of a book or article. Items can be bought or rented for a period of one year; they also can be used on up to four devices, allowing you to use them flexibly from any place and at any time.

Multiple Media for Trading

One of the main reasons for MT4’s popularity among users is its ability to be used from any place, through any device. The platform is available for users on laptops, mobile, tablet or desktop. This gives the users the flexibility to use it freely anywhere.

Guardian Angel – Personalised Trading Feedback Tool

Guardian Angel is a unique tool that that generates analysis on the trader’s own personal trading performance. It can be installed on to the MT4 platform and is designed to give traders a unique insight into their trades, strategies and general past performance. The Guardian Angel can be customized to give the trader not only feedback relevant to their performance, but also market news and analysis, thus giving them a full picture of their trading history and the market as a whole.