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Did you know that agricultural commodities offer significant volatility and profit potential? Now, in this 2019, you can diversify your financial portfolio with the range of agricultural commodities right here at AvaTrade UK. Our offerings include generous trading leverage and low spreads on a range of soft commodity futures such as wheat, soybeans, coffee, corn, and sugar.

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Range of Agricultural Commodities

Here at AvaTrade, you can enjoy a wide range of agricultural commodity futures.

  • Cocoa Trading – grown in a select number of countries around the world, and measured in metric tons
  • Cotton Trading – cotton is traded in cents per pound and has a long history with the American South
  • Sugar Trading – this is arguably the world’s most-traded soft commodity and it is traded in cents per poun
  • Coffee C Trading – coffee is traded in cents per pound and originates in Africa. Coffee units are also measured in pounds.
  • Wheat Trading – this soft commodity market is dominated by the US and measured in bushels.
  • Soybeans Trading – this market has blossomed in recent years as dietary habits have changed. Soybeans are measured in bushels.
  • Corn Trading – the world’s most important agricultural product, with a wide range of end-use. It is measured in bushels.

Exchanges for Soft Commodities

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is where wheat, corn and soybeans are exchanged.

Coffee C, Sugar no. 11, Cotton no. 2, Cocoa – Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

We encourage you to browse the latest trading prices with our Financial Instruments Index. You will find relevant information about how we calculate overnight interest and agricultural commodity CFD rollovers by clicking on this link

Understanding the Agricultural Commodities Market

Commodities trading spans thousands of years. It is the world’s oldest financial markets. Prices of commodities are intricately connected with climate and weather. Other factors include supply/demand, natural disasters, and changing dietary habits.

What about Hard Commodities?

There are hard commodities like gold trading, silver, platinum, copper and iron ore, and soft commodities like agricultural produce. If you’re interested in trading hard commodities with AvaTrade UK, feel free to read our guide on trading gold and other metals. Crude oil and energy commodities are also available at AvaTrade UK.

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